What's you're story?

I started Indie publishing more than 20 years ago in a beautiful old White Barn we converted into living and work space. In 2013 we moved to Florida, leaving the White Barn behind, but not the memories of friends, neighbors and hundreds of small print run book titles about education, business and horses.

What I haven't left behind is my commitment to helping people share their stories. If you would like help capturing your business success stories or 1000 memories, email me.


“Stories are a great way to convey important messages — they inspire and teach at the same time. People forget facts, figures, and theories, but they remember stories.”
Ken Blanchard

I specialize in photographic ethnography, taking photos and gathering details to communicate the deeper story.

I create beautiful hard or soft cover books. In color or black and white. Books about your business, your passion, your memories.

Suzanne Suor

The watchers

After photographing workouts on the track at Crupi's Newcastle Farm, I wandered out to the fields to see the fillies and colts. These three girls were together in one of the big pastures. When I first approached they ran off, with the alpha filly directing everyone to "get away."

It didn't take long before they decided I was no threat. They slowly approached and stood close to the fence, watching my every move. The clicking of the camera seemed to fascinate them, and they hung around until it was regretfully time for me to move on. As I walked away, still they stood and watched.

The Equine Ballerina

I first met Sylvia Zerbini four years ago when a neighbor organized a trip up the road in Williston Florida to Grande Liberté Farm.

To see Sylvia Zerbini and her horses once is to want to return, again and again, bringing more friends to this intimate performance venue where the horse/human relationship unfolds in an equine art form.

On my first visit I brought my camera. The horses came in one at a time with no halters or ropes.

Only Sylvia in the middle, moving with them to orchestrate a spell binding exhibition of liberty.

Dance of the Arabians, up to 16 stallions and geldings at liberty, no ropes or halters.

All to music and at Sylvia's subtle, dance like ques, abbreviated tones and single words spoken in French, her native language and one she prefers for communicating with her horses.

Since that first visit I have returned many times with guests and friends from out of town. Some horse lovers and others just appreciating the beauty of the horse.

Her story, as a ninth generation circus performer (Google the family name) is as fascinating as her performances. Her horses are a vision to behold.

The New York Times proclaimed Sylvia and her Arabians as, "Cavalia's most enduring act." To find out more about Sylvia Zerbini, visit http://SylivaZerbini.com